[CDI Case File #: 86480489]

Incident Report:

On Fri 9 Sep REDACTED at approximately 16:30, the Corporate Department of Intergalactic Investigations (CDI) received a tip from Alexander Cohen’s daughter, Nina Cohen, regarding her father’s illegal research practices. An investigation was launched, and it was discovered that Cohen had been conducting unethical experiments on human subjects for several years. These experiments included psychological and physical torture, resulting in the deaths of over 100 people, with 147 known victims.

Cohen’s methods included the kidnapping of his victims, who were then subjected to inhumane experiments in the name of scientific research. The investigation revealed that Cohen had been conducting these experiments while serving as a special operative in the armed forces, where he had a reputation for being an excellent leader and a skilled tactician. He had been decorated with several awards for his bravery and service, including the Purple Heart, Silver Star, and the Distinguished Service Medal.

During the arrest, Cohen attacked his daughter with a knife, and his daughter used her mother, Naomi Cohen, as a shield. Naomi died trying to protect her daughter from her father’s violent attack.
Cohen was diagnosed as a sociopath with narcissistic and sadistic disorders. He was charged with multiple counts of murder, kidnapping, and illegal experimentation. He was sentenced to life imprisonment on Nyxxus, a prison planet for the galaxy’s most dangerous criminals.

Investigating Officer: REDACTED

Recommendations: The investigation is ongoing and further charges may be brought against Cohen and any accomplices. The CDI will continue to work with the victims and their families to provide support and assistance.

(see also: CDI Case File #: 86480490)

[Please note that the above article is a work of fiction and any similarities to real individuals or events is purely coincidental.]