[CDI Case File #: 86482846]

Incident Report:

Subject: Larry Sheridan, a known esper with the ability to control people’s actions through physical contact.

Incident Summary: On the date of Friday 6 Sep REDACTED at approximately 1400, CDI officers Cooper Travis and Aylen Brock were on a mission to apprehend Larry Sheridan, who was suspected of multiple crimes in Hub City Space Station. During the mission, Sheridan was able to overpower the officers and take them into custody in a storage facility located in Mu Tower.

The officers were held captive for five days and subjected to various forms of torture, including physical abuse and psychological manipulation. Despite the severity of their injuries, both officers were able to maintain their composure and gather intel on Sheridan’s activities during their captivity.

During the final day of their captivity, Sheridan gave each officer an antique deringer and instructed them to shoot each other. Aylen Brock’s weapon misfired while Cooper Travis unfortunately shot and killed Aylen Brock. After the incident, Cooper Travis was able to escape the facility and report back to CDI.

Conclusion: The capture and subsequent death of CDI officer Aylen Brock is a tragic loss for the agency. The information gathered during their captivity and the escape of officer Cooper Travis will be used to further the investigation and eventual capture of Larry Sheridan. The CDI will also be reviewing the protocol and procedures to ensure the safety of our officers in the field.


  1. A manhunt for Larry Sheridan should be initiated immediately, utilizing all resources available to the agency.
  2. A thorough debriefing of officer Cooper Travis should be conducted to gather all information about Sheridan’s activities and whereabouts.
  3. A review of the current protocols and procedures for dealing with espers should be conducted to ensure the safety of our officers in the field.


CDI Officer in charge of the case.

(see also: CDI Case File #: 86484489)

[Please note that the above article is a work of fiction and any similarities to real individuals or events is purely coincidental.]