Debriefing Report: SA Cooper Travis

Date of Debriefing:


On Wednesday 11 September REDACTED at approximately 1100, Officer Cooper Travis underwent a thorough debriefing in regards to the incident involving Larry Sheridan, the esper with the ability to control people’s actions through physical contact. The debriefing was conducted to gather all information about Sheridan’s activities and whereabouts during the time of the officer’s captivity.

During the debriefing, officer Travis provided detailed information about Sheridan’s behavior and habits, including his daily routines and the locations he frequented. It was revealed that Sheridan had been using his abilities to control individuals within the space station, including residents of Mu Tower and station employees, to carry out illegal activities such as grand larceny and extortion.

Travis also provided insight into Sheridan’s mental state, describing him as a psychopath with a sadistic desire to exert control over others. He reported that Sheridan had mentioned his intention to continue using his abilities to expand his criminal empire beyond the space station.

Travis reported that Sheridan had shown an interest in ancient weapons, and had in his possession a collection of antique firearms. He also reported that Sheridan had spoken about a hideout or a safe place where he would likely retreat to in case of trouble.

Based on the information provided by officer Travis, it was determined that Sheridan has likely already left Hub City Space station, and a manhunt should be initiated to locate and apprehend him.

Conclusion: The debriefing of officer Cooper Travis provided valuable information that will aid in the search for Larry Sheridan. The information gathered will be used to track down Sheridan’s whereabouts and bring him to justice for his crimes.


    1. Utilize the information provided by officer Travis to track down Sheridan’s whereabouts and apprehend him.
    2. Follow up on the leads provided by officer Travis in regards to Sheridan’s criminal activities and associates.
    3. Provide officer Travis with the necessary support and resources to recover from his injuries and trauma.


CDI Officer in charge of the debriefing.

(see also: CDI Debriefing Report #: 86482846)

[Please note that the above article is a work of fiction and any similarities to real individuals or events is purely coincidental.]