SECTION 1: Pledge of Loyalty

1.01 The Amair pledges their body, love, and life to their Queen, who represents the country.
1.02 The Amair regards their Queen as their one true love and holds her as a mother, sister, wife, and lover.
1.03 The Amair serves their Queen without expecting any recompense, recognition, or preferential treatment for their service.
1.04 The Amair places the welfare and security of others before their own.

SECTION 2: Duties and Responsibilities

2.01 The Amair must be physically harder and mentally tougher than their enemies.
2.02 The Amair must follow the call to defend those who cannot defend themselves, to protect their Queen, their country, their brothers, and to complete their mission without fail.
2.03 The Amair must uphold the laws of their land and protect their way of life even if it means their own.
2.04 The Amair must control their deeds, emotions, and thoughts, regardless of circumstance, setting them apart from others.
2.05 The Amair must follow the path of unquestionable integrity, and if they err, they must face their consequences.
2.06 The Amair must act with honor in speech, thought, and deed.
2.07 The Amairr must strike with violence and speed that their enemies may hasten to Darkness.
2.08 The Amair regards their brothers as the walls and roof of their home and themselves as their foundation. 2.09 The Amair must not rejoice in the death of their enemies.
2.10 The Amair must consider themselves as tools set at the hand of their love, the Queen, and uphold her laws with unwavering loyalty and without question.
2.11 The Amair must keep their mind and body finely forged as weapons for their Queen’s use.
2.12 The Amair must protect the Shulani way of life with their own and serve their Queen with loyalty and devotion.

SECTION 3: Prohibited Conduct

3.01 The Amair must not draw a blade on another Amairro, except as ordered by or in defense of their Queen.
3.02 The Amair must not engage in conduct that would discredit or dishonor their Queen, their country, or their brothers.
3.03 The Amairro must not engage in conduct that would undermine the Shulani way of life or the laws of their land.

SECTION 4: Accountability and Discipline

4.01 The Amair must accept accountability for their actions and be willing to face the consequences of their conduct.
4.02 The Amair who violates the Code of Conduct will be subject to discipline, including but not limited to reprimand, reduction in rank, forfeiture of pay and allowances, lashes, discharge from service.
4.03 The Amair who violates section 3.01 of this code will forfeit their life.

This Code of Conduct governs the actions of all Amairro and is binding upon all who take the pledge. Amairro must uphold the Code of Conduct with honor and integrity, recognizing that their actions are a reflection of their commitment to their Queen, their country, and their brothers.