I am an Amair (a Nad Amair). I pledge my body, my love, and my life to my Queen. She is my one true love. Mother, sister, wife, and lover. She is my country. My dying breath. I expect no recompense. No recognition. No preferential treatment for my service. Nor do I broadcast my deeds. I place the welfare and security of others before my own.
I am an Amair (a Nad Amair). Physically harder and mentally tougher than my enemies. I follow the call to defend those who cannot defend themselves, to protect my Queen, my country, my brothers, and to complete my mission without fail.
I am an Amair (a Nad Amair). I uphold the laws of my land and protect our way of life even if it means my own. I control my deeds, my emotions, and my thoughts, regardless of circumstance. This sets me apart from others.
I am an Amair (a Nad Amair), I follow the path of unquestionable integrity, and if I err, I face my consequences.
I am an Amair (a Nad Amair) I am with honor in speech, thought, and deed.
I am an Amair. I do not rejoice in the death of my enemies. I strike with violence and speed that he may hasten to Darkness.
I am an Amair (a Nad Amair), my brothers are the walls and roof of my home. I am their foundation.
I am an Amair. There is no failure. Only fortitude. I am the last to fall.
My brothers have died to honor these words. I take strength from their strength and honor their lives with my own.
I am an Amair (a Nad Amair). My Queen is my one true love. My mind and body are finely forged weapons, and
I will keep them sharp for her. I am a tool set at the hand of my love that she may use me to uphold her laws. I will protect the Shulani way of life with my own and serve my love with unwavering loyalty and without question.
I will not fail