Arktos is the God of the North, Winter, and Strength. He is depicted as a tall, muscular figure with a thick beard and piercing blue eyes. Arktos is known to be a fierce and formidable deity, with a love for battle and a disdain for weakness.

According to legend, Arktos was born on the tallest mountain in the north, where the winds howled and the snow fell endlessly. As a child, he was wild and untamed, often wandering the snow-covered wilderness for days on end. But as he grew, he became stronger and more disciplined, honing his skills as a warrior and mastering the secrets of the frozen north.

As an adult, Arktos began to amass a following of fierce warriors, who worshiped him as the God of Strength and Winter. They traveled with him across the land, battling monsters and enemy tribes, and always emerging victorious.

Despite his fearsome reputation, Arktos is also known for his wisdom and deep respect for nature. He believes that the balance between strength and compassion is essential, and that all things in the world are connected. He is said to communicate with the spirits of animals and plants, and to have a deep understanding of the natural world.

Today, Arktos is still revered as a powerful and wise deity, and his followers continue to honor him with offerings of food, drink, and weapons. In the winter months, they hold elaborate ceremonies to ask for his blessings and protection during the cold and dark season.