City of Dubar Concept Art

City of Dubar

The Battle of the Shield was fought over the city of Dubar, a strategically important location due to its vast network of underground tunnels that provided access to various parts of the planet. The city was a key transportation hub for the Shulani military, serving as a major supply line for troops and equipment. The Kuraki forces recognized the importance of capturing Dubar, as it would give them a strategic advantage in the war. 

Dubar was protected by a shield dome, which was created by the magic of fourteen massive statues, known as The Guardians, surrounding the city. The statues are ancient and are believed to be Troyeni gods, carved out of lurro which is harder than diamonds. They measure approximately 35 kuri high and their wings stretch 50 kuri from tip to tip. The only way to turn the shield on or off is a secret only a handful of passarro know.

During the battle, four thousand Kuraki air troops, known as flyers, attacked the city. The Kuraki flyers were equipped with fire blasters, supplied by TerraCorps forces on the Kuraki side. The attack was described as a swarm of fire-breathing dragons. The citizens of Dubar felt safe inside the shield dome, believing that it would protect them from the attack.

However, the fourteen statues came to life during the battle, lowering their arms and wings, and sitting down with a sound like thunder. This resulted in the shield dome being disabled and allowed the Kuraki forces to rain fire on the city, causing widespread destruction and loss of life. The statues then stood back up and defended the city by snatching the Kuraki flyers from the sky. However, as they walked through the city, they trampled buildings and citizens alike, causing more devastation than the initial attack.

The battle lasted only an hour, but was fierce, and both sides suffered heavy losses before the Shulani Allied forces drove Kuraki forces out of Dubar and the Shield was restored. 

It was later revealed that the only way the shield could be lowered was if fourteen Amairro helped to lower it. These fourteen individuals betrayed their oaths, their country, their brothers, and every citizen of Shulan, by lowering the shield and allowing the Kuraki to attack the city and have become notoriously known as “The Fourteen.” The battle was a devastating loss for Shulan, both in terms of lives lost and the betrayal by the Amairro.

Following the Battle of the Shield, Taipsir III was crowned as the new monarch of Shulan. Despite the recent loss of her mother and the ongoing war, Taipsir III was determined to bring an end to the conflict. Her coronation was used as an opportunity to broker a temporary peace with the Kurakai, and negotiations were held to work towards a ceasefire. Although the negotiations were difficult and tense, Taipsir III’s leadership and determination ultimately led to a successful resolution. The temporary peace allowed both sides to regroup and tend to their wounded, and it set the stage for a long-term solution to the conflict. Under Taipsir III’s leadership, Shulan was able to achieve a lasting peace with the Kurakai, and the two nations were able to work together towards a brighter future.