Steven Beckworth and Judas Young founded the colony as a closed society for his Church of Man and their followers.
Beckworth was a cult leader of a small sect of Christianity. He participated in multiple intergalactic conventions where he recruited many new members for his church. Beckworth founded the organization that would become the Church of Man while attending university on Devos Ten. He gained a folowing in retro-activism, espousing the need to return to what he called “simpler times” and gender based conformity which gained support in the community there.
He met and partnered with billionaire entrepreneur Judas Young and they acquired funding and licensing for terraforming the asteroid.
Beckworth was created as a compound for his followers, and as such has a very heavily religious background and a mysoginistic view of women and women’s rights.
The colony was forced to open up to outsiders when it was discovered that they passed through a temporal fault every fifty years and houses one of the galaxy’s largest temporal research facilities.