The Church of the Six Gods is the official religion of Danubia Prime. a polytheistic religion that worships six deities, each representing a different aspect of life. Their canon includes:


The God of the Sun, Life, and Creation. Austrai is the most powerful of the six gods and is responsible for bringing light and warmth to the world. It is said that Austrai created the world and all life on it, and is the patron deity of farmers, healers, and artists.


The Goddess of Death, Destruction, and Renewal. Onyxia is feared by many, but also revered for her power to bring about transformation and rebirth. She is the patron deity of those who work with the dead, such as embalmers and funeral directors, and is often called upon to help with endings and new beginnings.


The God of Wind, Sky, and Travel. Zephyr is the deity of the winds, and controls the forces that shape the weather. He is also the patron god of travelers and adventurers, as he is said to guide them on their journeys and protect them from harm.


The Goddess of Music, Art, and Inspiration. Aria is the deity of creativity and the arts, and is often invoked by musicians, artists, and writers for inspiration. She is also associated with healing and has been known to appear to those in need of comfort or guidance.


The God of War, Strength, and Courage. Arktos is the deity of battle and conflict, and is often invoked by soldiers and warriors for strength and courage in times of war. He is also the patron god of athletes and those who seek to improve their physical abilities.


The Goddess of Night, Secrets, and Mysteries. Nyx is the deity of darkness and the unknown, and is often called upon by those seeking answers to life’s mysteries. She is also associated with magic and is said to grant powers to those who seek her guidance.

The Church of the Six Gods celebrates a variety of rituals and festivals throughout the year to honor each of these deities. Birth, death, and childbearing are also significant events in the religion, with specific rituals and ceremonies associated with each. For example, when a child is born, a priest or priestess of Austrai is called upon to bless the child and offer prayers for its health and well-being. When someone dies, a ritual is performed by a priest or priestess of Onyxia to help guide the soul to the afterlife. And when a woman gives birth, a ceremony is held by a priest or priestess of Aria to honor the new life and offer blessings for the mother and child.

Each of Danubia Prime’s Castes identifies with a different God:

  1. ValoryanAustrai, the God of the Sun, Life, and Creation: The Valoryan caste is associated with Austrai, as they are seen as the guardians of life and society. They are responsible for upholding the laws and customs of the Danubian people, ensuring the continuation of their culture and traditions. Austrai, as the creator of all life and patron of farmers, healers, and artists, embodies the values of the Valoryan caste and their devotion to the greater good.
  2. VashnuOnyxia, the Goddess of Darkness, Secrets, and Night: The Vashnu caste is associated with Onyxia, the enigmatic goddess who embodies the shadowy and mysterious aspects of life. As skilled spies and assassins, the Vashnu hold a unique role in Danubian society, and Onyxia’s domain over secrets and darkness reflects their hidden and dangerous nature.
  3. VindaZephyr, the God of the Wind, Travel, and Change: The Vinda caste is associated with Zephyr, the adventurous god of the wind and travel. The Vinda are known for their wanderlust and love of exploration, and Zephyr’s domain over movement and change reflects their restless and curious nature.
  4. VarishAria, the Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Passion: The Varish caste is associated with Aria, the goddess of love and beauty. The Varish are known for their skill in the arts of seduction and entertainment, and Aria’s domain over passion and desire reflects their sensual and creative nature.
  5. VarikArktos, the God of War, Strength, and Honor: The Varik caste is associated with Arktos, the fierce god of war and honor. The Varik are the warriors and protectors of Danubian society, and Arktos’ domain over strength and courage reflects their dedication to duty and bravery in battle.