According to the mythology of the Church of the Six Gods, Drogath was one of the most powerful and revered deities. He was known as the god of thunder and lightning, and was often depicted wielding a massive hammer that could summon thunderbolts from the sky.

The story of Drogath’s origins vary depending on the region and tradition, but one popular version of his tale goes as follows:

Long ago, in the age of chaos, the world was wracked by violent storms that threatened to destroy everything in their path. The people prayed to the gods for protection, and in response, the deity of storms and lightning, Drogath, descended from the heavens to bring order to the chaos.

Drogath’s power was immense, and he quickly proved himself to be a formidable warrior, wielding his hammer with unmatched skill and ferocity. He battled the raging tempests, driving them back with each mighty blow, until the skies were once again clear and the world was at peace.

In gratitude for his heroism, the people of the world began to worship Drogath as a god, offering him sacrifices and prayers in exchange for his protection and guidance. Over time, Drogath became one of the most beloved and revered deities, and his followers built grand temples in his honor throughout the land.

Today, Drogath remains a central figure in the Church of the Six Gods, and his hammer is still seen as a symbol of protection and strength. His followers continue to offer prayers and sacrifices to him in hopes of earning his favor and protection.