The Extraction is an advanced training exercise conducted by the Amairro to test the ingenuity, resourcefulness, and combat prowess of their trainees. The mission objective is to infiltrate a simulated enemy stronghold, rescue three civilian hostages, neutralize an entire unit of enemy troops, and ensure safe extraction of the civilians without any armament provided to the trainees.

Execution: Trainees are deployed into the simulation zone devoid of any weapons. They must rely on stealth, close-quarters combat, and the tactical use of the environment to overcome the enemy. Simulated lethal force is authorized to ensure realistic combat scenarios.

Success Metrics: The exercise is deemed successful if all three civilians are rescued unharmed and all enemy troops are rendered incapacitated. Trainees are evaluated on efficiency, stealth, combat effectiveness, and ability to minimize harm to the hostages.

Training Outcome: The Extraction is designed to enhance the trainee’s adaptability in hostile situations, encourage creative problem-solving, and instill a mindset of perseverance against overwhelming odds. It is a hallmark exercise for developing the elite operatives of the Amairro military.