George v Qabor, 235 S.3d 1120 (4th Cir. 2125).
In this case, the plaintiff, George, who was an alien, brought a murder charge against the defendant, Qabor, who was a Shulani citizen. However, the court denied George a fair trial due to his lack of citizenship, which prevented him from having standing to sue in Shulani courts. Despite evidence of Qabor’s guilt, the court dismissed the case on jurisdictional grounds, arguing that the Pyr Adogul did not extend equal protection to non-citizens in criminal proceedings. The ruling drew criticism from legal scholars and advocacy groups, who argued that it violated basic principles of justice and undermined the rule of law. The case set a controversial precedent for the treatment of aliens in the Shulani legal system and raised questions about the scope and limits of constitutional protections for intergalactic law.