Onyxia, the goddess of the night and dreams, is one of the six gods worshiped by the people of Danubia Prime. Her story begins with the creation of the world, when Austrai, the god of the sun and life, brought light and warmth to the world. Onyxia saw the beauty of Austrai’s creation and decided to create something of her own.

She created the night sky, a beautiful tapestry of darkness and stars that would stretch over the world every night. She made the stars twinkle and dance, and she painted the sky with the colors of the northern lights. But something was missing – Onyxia realized that the people of the world needed a way to communicate with her in their dreams.

And so, Onyxia created the Dream Realm, a place where mortals could connect with the divine through their subconscious minds. She filled this realm with all sorts of wonders and mysteries, and made it accessible to anyone who wished to visit. In the Dream Realm, people could receive guidance, inspiration, and sometimes even glimpses of the future.

Onyxia became the patron goddess of those who sought to understand their dreams, and many artists and writers would often call upon her for inspiration. She was also a symbol of mystery and the unknown, and her followers believed that she could protect them from evil spirits and dark magic.

On Danubia Prime, the night sky is a symbol of Onyxia’s power and beauty. Her followers often hold nighttime rituals to honor her, and they believe that her presence can be felt most strongly during the full moon. The prison planet of Nyxxus, named after the goddess’s dark and mysterious realm, is often seen as a place of great spiritual significance for those who seek to connect with the divine through their dreams.