Queen Taipsir III

Queen Taipsir III, reigning queen of the matrilineal monarchy of Shulan, is the daughter of Queen Taipsir II and her third consort, Nad Amair Pyr.


During her reign, she has seen numerous armed conflicts that changed the course of Lyrend’s history, including the World War II. She has brokered peace with Shulan’s centuries old enemy the nation of Kurakai twice only to have the Kuraki nation break the treaty both times leading to intense aerial battles between the two nations.

One of the most significant events during Queen Taipsir III’s reign was the Battle of the Shield over the city of Dubar. Although the battle was fought between Shulan and its rival country Kuraki, the Kurakai emerged victorious and it was a devastating loss for the Shulani people. Despite this setback, Queen Taipsir III has continued to lead her country in the ongoing conflicts with Kuraki, and has worked to bolster the military and defensive capabilities of Shulan.

Domestic Policies

Queen Taipsir III has implemented a number of domestic policies aimed at improving the lives of the Shulani people. One of her main priorities has been to promote economic growth. To achieve this, she has implemented policies to support small businesses and encourage entrepreneurship, both global and intergalactic, as well as investing in infrastructure and education.

She has also focused on improving healthcare and education for the Shulani people by carefully guarding her sangorro, with travel bans. She has implemented policies to expand access to healthcare, particularly in rural areas, and has invested in TerraCorp medical facilities and equipment. Additionally, she has made education a priority by increasing funding for senburro, salons, schools and universities, as well as implementing programs to improve the quality of education and make it more accessible to all Shulani people.


Queen Taipsir III has also been a strong advocate for the protection and preservation of Shulani culture. She has implemented policies to promote traditional arts and crafts, as well as investing in the restoration and preservation of historic sites and monuments. She also has been working to increase the representation of Shulani culture in intergalactic media and the arts.

Another important aspect of her domestic policies is the protection of the environment. She has implemented policies to promote sustainable development and conservation, as well as investing in renewable energy and working to mitigate the effects of the Vessel plague that devastated that valuable resource during her mother’s reign.

One of the most notable achievements of Queen Taipsir III is the Treaty of Onakaa, which was an alliance between humans and the Shulani people. This treaty was instrumental in promoting peace and cooperation between the two groups, and it has played a key role in ensuring the stability and security of the region.


Queen Taipsir III has two connfirmed consorts, Nad Amair Banbrol, father to Prince Zaymar and Prince Tarkan, and Nad Amair Josme, who sired the heir to the throne, Princess Berkana. Taipsir’s consorts play an important role in the monarchy and government of Shulan, as per the customs of the Matrilineal Monarchy.

The selection of Queen Consorts is not without controversy and has lead to rivalries among the families. Consort Banbrol and has been known to compete for her favor and influence within the court, despite the fact that he’s sired no heirs. This has led to some tension and political maneuvering among the consorts, as they work to advance their own interests and those of their families.

Despite the rivalries, Queen Taipsir III has been able to maintain a stable and effective government with the help of her consorts and councellors. Each of them has a specific role and responsibilities, with Banbrol taking charge of the army, and Josme the air and sea forces. Her closest advisor is Lord Chancellor Josmé, who governs her economic interests, and Passaro Flois, her spiritual advisor.

Queen Taipsir III’s reign has been marked by a combination of challenges and successes. She has had to navigate ongoing conflicts with Kuraki, but she has also been able to achieve important gains for her people and her country. Her leadership has been instrumental in maintaining the security and prosperity of Shulan, and she continues to be a respected and influential leader in the region.