Untouchable class

The Valoryan class is the lowest of the five castes on Danubia Prime and is considered the “untouchable” class. Many  laws are in place to maintain the social hierarchy on Danubia Prime and to reinforce the caste system. The Valoryan class is regarded as the lowest and least important class, and as such, they are denied access to many of the basic rights and privileges afforded to the upper classes. The system of discrimination against the Valoryan class has been criticized by some as unjust and inhumane. However, efforts to challenge the caste system have been met with resistance from those who benefit from the existing social order.


Valoryans are not allowed to receive an education beyond basic literacy and numeracy classes. They are prohibited from attending any schools that are not specifically designated for their class.


Valoryans are not allowed to own property and are often forced to live in slums or shantytowns. They are not permitted to rent property in other areas of the city.


Valoryans are not allowed to work in most professions and are often relegated to the most menial and low-paying jobs. They are also not allowed to work in the same jobs as other castes.


Valoryans have limited access to healthcare and often rely on traditional remedies and healers in their communities. They are not allowed to receive medical treatment at the same hospitals or clinics as other castes.


Housing is a major issue for the Valoryan class, and they are forced to live in substandard and overcrowded conditions in the slums or shantytowns. They have limited access to clean water, sanitation, and other basic necessities.


Valoryans have no representation in the government, and their voice is not heard in matters of policy-making. They are not allowed to vote or participate in any political activities.

Religious laws:

The religion of Danubia Prime reinforces the caste system and the Valoryan class is regarded as impure and untouchable. Valoryans are not allowed to participate in any religious ceremonies or rituals.

Sumptuary laws:

Valoryans are only allowed to wear basic clothing made of inexpensive materials such as cotton and linen. They are restricted to wearing dull and drab colors such as grey, beige, and brown. Wearing any type of jewelry or adornment is forbidden.

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