Lower class

The Varik class is the lowest social class on Danubia Prime and as such, their rights and privileges are severely limited. Many laws are in place to reinforce the caste system and to maintain the social hierarchy on Danubia Prime. The Varik class is regarded as the lowest and least important class, and as such, they are denied access to many of the basic rights and privileges afforded to the upper classes.


Education is not a priority for the Varik class, and they are only allowed to attend basic literacy and numeracy classes. Higher education is not available to them.


The Varik class is not allowed to own property, and they are relegated to living in slums or shantytowns or reside in residences of other classes they serve. They are also not permitted to rent property in other areas of the city.


Variks are relegated to menial and low-paying jobs such as cleaning, garbage collection, and labor-intensive work in factories.


Healthcare is not a priority for the Varik class, and they have limited access to medical care. Most often, they rely on traditional remedies and healers in their communities.


Housing is a major issue for the Varik class, and they are forced to live in substandard and overcrowded conditions in the slums or shantytowns. They have limited access to clean water, sanitation, and other basic necessities.


The Varik class has no representation in the government, and their voice is not heard in matters of policy-making.

Sumptuary law:

The Varik class is only allowed to wear basic clothing made of inexpensive materials such as cotton and linen. They are restricted to wearing dull and drab colors such as grey, beige, and brown. Wearing any type of jewelry or adornment is forbidden.

Marriage Laws:

Varik are forbidden from marrying outside their class.


The Varik class is allowed to practice the official religion of Danubia Prime but with some restrictions. They are not allowed to participate in the highest religious ceremonies and are often relegated to less prominent roles in religious activities. They are also not allowed to become religious leaders or hold positions of authority within the religious hierarchy. This law is meant to reinforce the social and cultural divide between the Varik and the upper castes. Despite this, some Varik may still achieve high positions within the religious hierarchy through merit and skill, but this is rare and viewed with suspicion by the upper castes.

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