Ruling class

The Vinda class holds significant power and privilege in Danubia Prime society. They have access to the best education, employment opportunities, healthcare, and housing available, and their religious and legal rights are respected. They may not be subject to any restrictions on their clothing choices and may only marry within their own class. Their status is hereditary, and their children inherit their privileges and position in society.


As the ruling class, the Vinda hold significant political power and have access to all high-ranking government positions. They are responsible for making and enforcing laws and regulations that govern the other classes and have the right to vote and have their political needs and interests represented in the government.


Land ownership is guaranteed and often tax free as they use a portion of lands for agriculture and other industries. They may also own luxurious properties and vacation homes.


Education is mandatory for Vinda members, and they must complete at least one higher-level degree. They have access to the highest quality education and many are either tutored at home or attend the most prestigious schools and universities.


The Vinda generally work in positions of politics and as figure heads.


The Vashnu and Vinda classes are both allowed to practice the official religion of Danubia Prime and have full access to religious activities and positions of power within the religious hierarchy. They are allowed to participate in the highest religious ceremonies and hold the highest positions of authority within the religious institutions. This law is meant to reinforce the social and cultural divide between the upper castes and the lower castes and to maintain the traditional power structures. The Vashnu and Vinda are viewed as the most important members of society, and their participation in religious activities is seen as essential for the well-being of the entire community. While the Vashnu and Vinda have more freedom and power in religious matters, they are also held to higher standards of conduct and are expected to set an example for the lower castes to follow.

Legal and Representation:

Vinda members have access to the best legal representation and may be subject to less severe punishments for their crimes. Laws and regulations are tailored to favor the Vinda members, and they may have the power to change laws that do not benefit them. They may also have access to special privileges, such as diplomatic immunity.


They own the most luxurious and spacious homes in the society. They may own multiple properties. The government allocates significant resources towards the maintenance of their properties, ensuring that they are always in the best condition.


They have access to the best healthcare facilities and treatments available in the society. They may receive free or subsidized medical care, and the quality of care is exceptional. The government allocates significant resources towards their healthcare, as they are seen as valuable members of society.

Sumptuary Laws:

The Vinda members may wear luxurious and expensive clothing and accessories, and they may not be subject to any restrictions on their clothing choices. They may also use the most expensive and high-quality materials for their clothing and accessories. Only the Vinda are allowed to wear certain fabrics and black or dark purple.

Marriage Laws:

The Vinda members may only marry within their own class, and their marriages are often arranged for political or economic reasons. They may not marry anyone from lower classes, as it is seen as socially unacceptable.


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