“Walking nightmares from my world.” He held out his arms as wide as they’d go. “Massive foul beasts, a bit like your wolves. From up north, near Kilcarny and Dashta. Mia, find us a picture.” He nodded at the sentinel, and she projected a holographic image of a six-legged wolf-like creature above the bottle of liquid gloves in the middle of the table. “Two rows of fangs. Near impossible to kill. Poisonous.”
“Venomous,” Dolce Basso corrected.
The Amair clicked his tongue and smirked at the sentinel. Inside joke, apparently. “Encounters with the creatures almost always end up death,” he added. He nodded at the sentinel again, and the projection dissolved.

Esbeqro can grow to be as large as 3 meters long and reach weights of 100 to 150 kilos. The one she’d seen in the zoo in Napthula was almost two kuri long, and it was massive.

Esbeqro have two rows of razor-sharp teeth, which grow back when lost or damaged. Esbeq venom coagulates the blood, sealing the wound and preventing the prey from clearing the toxin. Encounters with esbeqro almost always lead to death. The pilot had said the same thing. The book continued to explain that first aid involved sucking the venom from the wound immediately. Danny gagged. That would taste awful.