Touch of Death Cast of Characters

Main Characters

Beckworth Police Department

  • Captain Vance
  • Colonel Alisdair Friday
  • Sergeant Bevins  [mentioned]
  • Officer Bud  [mentioned]
  • Officer Lou [mentioned]

The Victims

  • Scarlet Norris
  • Brandon Lesser
  • Kayisha Evans
  • Jane Doe (spoiler)
    Alison Hardee
  • John Doe (spoiler)
    James McKinny
  • Victim #6 (spoiler)
    Janene Maynard
  • Victim #7 (spoiler)
    Gabrielle Smith

Other characters on beckworth colony

  • Bill Ward, PhD
  • Dr. Hyde, pathologist
  • Mrs. Johnson, Janene’s foster mother
  • Janene Maynard
  • Rhonda Atkins, Scarlet Norris’ ‘roommate’
  • Dr. Peter Elliott, Janene’s therapist
  • Dr. Terkan Onwidu, museum curator
  • Jimmy, boy from club crux
  • Dr. Carlos Montanari, DVM. Veterinarian
  • Stephanie, the waitress from Cindy’s Diner
  • Nurse from Mercy Hospital

Travis Family

  • Dr. Mark Travis, DVM. Veterinarian. Cooper’s dad.
  • Dr. Leah Travis, M.D. Psychiatrist specializing in DST addiction. Cooper’s mom.
  • Sophie Travis. Cooper’s adopted sister. A ‘dust baby’. aka Soph
  • Black Dog & White Dog
  • Dr. Whiskers, the cat
  • Dr. Ruth “Mimi” Travis, Cooper’s grandmother
  • Jessica “Jess” Travis, Cooper’s cousin

Other Characters

  • Kiki, Danny’s assistant
  • Marlena (BIG spoiler)
    Danny’s “Mami”
  • Rigo (BIG spoiler)
    Danny’s son
  • Silas Martel, Guy’s boyfriend
  • Francois Levesque (spoiler)
    Uncle Frank,” Danny’s nemesis and long time family friend.
  • Cecilly Craw, Castledon News Media
  • Brody Brock, Castledon News Media and Aylen’s husband
  • Dr. 1, Hub City Hospital
  • Dr. 2, Hub City Hospital
  • Dr. Samantha Zimmer, Danny’s therapist

Danny’s siblings

  • Guy, also Francois Levesque‘s son
  • Osh [mentioned]
    • Bensa, Osh’s wife [not in this book]
  • Yan [mentioned]
    • Kitaka “Kit,Yan’s first wife [mentioned]
    • Nasha, Yan’s second wife [mentioned]
    • Shiloh, Yan’s mistress [not in this book]
  • Nettzi [mentioned]
    • Barro, Nettzi’s husband [not in this book]
  • Qydro [mentioned]
    • Tashy, Qydro’s wife [not in this book]
  • Renka (Deceased) [mentioned]
  • Others [not in this book]