Amair (n.) (ah-māř) (pl.) Amairro ah-māř-řo

Amairro begin their training very young by attending Senburra beginning at age 3, where they learn Nashandai, the basics of flight, discipline, and basic educational skills like reading, writing, mathematics, languages, and arts (because they must be well-rounded).

At age 12, if the trainee passes, they go on to Nad Senburra where they continue their studies, take a weapons specialization, and learn to master overdrive, flight, and tactics.

If the trainee passes Nad Senburra, they continue on to a final year of study at the Nave, where they learn seduction in preparation for Indoctrination.

Once the trainee completes their final year, they take an oath to serve the Queen and become Amairro.

If they pass with honors, they become Nad Amairro… The Queen’s Elite, and are granted the honor of Amainré.