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Please note, this glossary contains 4-letter words. If swearing offends you, I recommend you leave this page, and my books likely are not for you. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. 

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Shulani-English Dictionary

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(n.) private pub for Pilot's guild Bamsoqro (plural) Bah-moss-křow (see more)

(n.) a Shulani pastry, very sweet and flaky. Traditionally laced with Dust


bes-too-too (plural) bes-too-třow
(n.) A bee like creature that buzzes and hurts worse than a hornet when it stings. They are rather aggressive.

(drawing courtesy of Catherine Hernandez)

břoo-nyo (adj.) south

bunyaqi a science fiction pink thorny flower that grows in the Shulan on the fictional planet Lyrend. fictional pink thorny flower boon-ya-key
(n.) a sweet smelling flower, think that grows in abundance in Shulani springtime


(n.) desire (v.) buranqi (v.) to desire

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